5 Tricks to Make Money Using Pinterest free

Make Money Using Pinterest free
People all over the world want to earn money. There are many ways to earn money all over the world. Eg: YouTube, Facebook, CPAgrip etc. Through which you can easily earn dollars. 

When it comes to the Pinterest social media platform, there are avenues for free income. Using which you can easily earn free income online. Pinterest is on the list of favorites of almost all online income generators. And that is also called Pinterest Marketing. 

Make money using pinterest and for this pin images or videos, it is important to use it regularly and pinterest optimization. Through this you can reach more customers and double your income. Which allows people to earn more income in less time, less effort and more money for free. 

Use of Pinterest

Pinterest is so easy to use, even small children can use it. To use Pinterest, first choose a pin or board, secondly, select the image or video of the device and click on the next button, thirdly, the image or video title, description, link, board choice, using tags according to the topic, scheduleDone, go to advance setting and give ALT text and finally click on create button. 

Currently on the Play Store, Pinterest's apps have been downloaded by more than 1 billion people worldwide. Pinterest has been reviewed by 9 million people and with a rating of 3.9, the app is the most popular app worldwide. 

As of April 2023, there are 463 million active Pinterest users worldwide. That's 7.4% of the world's population using Pinterest. Wikipedia also states that each of its protagonists was over 13 years old. 

Please read the full report one by one. Because through this you can earn from online. So let's take a look at 6 free lists to make money using Pinterest:

1. Drive traffic to Video

Make money using pinterest and Any video can get traffic through Pinterest. For this you first need to open an account on Pinterest. After opening the account you have to pin the thumbnail of your video and after writing the title and description of the video, link any video including YouTube channel video, Facebook page video directly to the page and channel. Traffic can be taken. 

Nowadays video platform is one of the best platform for making money. So get traffic to any video through pinterest absolutely free and earn more money. 

Some surprising facts about the video

  • In the 1980s, video became very popular among people. 
  • According to May 2024 statistics, 92.3% of internet users around the world watch digital video every week. 
  • Internet users watch comedy skits videos for a long time. Also watch more challenging videos. 
  • According to 2023 data, video on demand market value is 146.6 billion dollars. 

2. Print on demand

Make money using Pinterest from the popular Print on Demand business. Which helps us to increase our online sales and through this we can generate a smart income. 

Print on demand businesses can be started with mugs, trousers, t-shirts, jackets and more on popular websites like Etsy, Shopify, and printify. 

Using Pinterest is essential if we want to increase sales. So earn by pinning our products on Pinterest account. To earn more we need to pin images of any digital products through pinterest and generate sales by adding links to your products. 

Surprising Facts About Print on Demand
  • According to 2022 data, the current market size of print on demand is $6.34 billion. 
  • According to IPPI information, if we start the business of Print on demand. But its success rate is 24%. 
  • Print on demand business can be done from home and income can be done digitally. You can earn passive income through it. As a result, we can generate income over and over again. So start today. 

3. Marketing in Affiliate

Make money using Pinterest and become a billion with affiliate marketing. Because one of the most important online incomes is affiliate marketing. Through which we can earn online, sitting at home and keeping ourselves safe. But the good news is that this income is more through Pinterestcan increase

To earn using Pinterest, first we post affiliate marketing links and images of our products and services and anyone can order products by viewing those images. Which is very easy and can earn you money. 

Some important facts about affiliate marketing
  • Websites like AliExpress, Amazon, market health, click funnel get some of it as commission if they sell their products and services. But it depends on the organization and the price of the product. 
  • The worldwide market value of affiliate marketing is 17 billion US dollars. However, it is estimated that by 2027, its market size may reach $27.78 billion. 
  • All over the world, more than 50 million people are making money online with affiliate marketing. 

4. Drive traffic to websites

Drive website traffic and make money using Pinterest. We can receive traffic to any type of website. Eg: Technology, Science, Lifestyle etc. All types of tips can get traffic to photo blogging website and earn double money. Which is a role in socio-economic developmentcan observe

So now pin any website post image on Pinterest and get traffic absolutely free. But remember, the more active you are on Pinterest, the more income you can generate. 

Some unknown information about the website
  • A blogging website can earn 3-25 US dollars per 1000 visitors. 
  • According to Forbes, there are 200 million active websites worldwide. 
  • There is no substitute for a website to present any product or service to people. 

5. Offer products and services

Make money using Pinterest by selling products and services you love. We may use Pinterest to promote CPA offers. Because using Pinterest can reach visitors instantly and sell products and services. 

So now pin any offer image on Pinterest and get traffic absolutely free. But publish pictures with details of the products and services you offer. By doing this, the customers will be able to buy the product and service by getting the right idea and if the product is good, they will come again and again. 

Find out more about the offer
  • Offers attract people to buy any goods or services. Which helps to increase the sales of an organization. 
  • An offer is an organization's specific strategy. What attracts a person and makes an organization perform its functions. 


So far the ways and tricks to make money using Pinterest have been reported. So using Pinterest to increase income is definitely necessary. Nowadays Pinterest is known as a popular social media and many people are making their money from it. 

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