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Are you looking for skilled and experienced writers to write reviews for websites, apps, businesses. Then, you can appoint Md. Samiul Ali as a writer without delay. He is a professional writer and has an experience of one and a half years.

Let us get familiar with it and see the various packages, demands, how to write, bonuses and other deals. In order to be hired as a writer.

Hire content writer, meet md samiul ali

Are you looking for a writer? Who will make you one page seo. If you are looking for an seo writer, then Md. Samiul Ali can write on various topics like yours.

Md. Samiul Ali is a professional writer. Who has been writing for a year and a half. He has been working as an seo writer on the website lifetricks24.com since six months.

He also writes very competently on topics such as health and fitness, education, technology, science, travel, short stories, poetry, lifestyle, news, etc.

Although already experienced in writing about copywriting. So you can hire him as a copywriter.

How he writes an SEO friendly content. Let's take a look:

  1. Write the content first. 
  2. Natural language processing (NLP) within the content
  3. I use LSI 
  4. I use focus keyword 
  5. Optimise your content 
  6. Write FAQ

My demand 

  • 10$ to 15$ per hour. Just write no seo 
  • I charge $20 for 500 words of content with seo 
  • I charge 30 for 1,000 words of content with seo 
  • I charge 40 usd for 1,800 words of content with seo 
  • I charge 55 usd for 3,000 words of content with seo 
  • Short story, I charge 90 usd for 5000 words of content with seo 
  • Any poem of 2000 words is only $30

Bonus for you

  • 5$ off the second time I write content. This is generally applicable.
  • I will charge 2,400$ to 2,800 usd per year if you want to hire me as a full time SEO writer.
  • Be sure to keep an eye out to see how I write content; on the website lifetricks24.com.

Writing examples

Contact samiul ali

  • Email: mdsamiulali472@gmail.com 
  • WhatsApp number: +880 1748062238 (only for messages)
You want resume md samiul ali with contacts.


Good news for you. Because by contacting me you can hire at a lower cost. If you want to ask any question, contact me on my email and whatsapp number. 

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