What is a business plan: what is it, its types, importance

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Are you starting a business or running a business If you are one of the two, then today's report is for you. 

Today's report will cover what a business plan is, its types, importance. Which will strengthen your business planning and add new information to your plan. 

Let us understand the business planning and implement the plan: 

what is a business plan

A business plan is the constitution or document of a business. which is a written statement for the development of a business. It is part of a business's long-term plan.

It literally means corporate plan or business strategy. It is created by combining various factors, hence it is also called as project plan by many.

Business strategies can be of various types. Which are mainly three types.

There are six importance of corporate planning, which will show you how important planning is for business.

Brain Tracy said about business planning, "Proper business planning demands that you focus on the self-interest of the customer at all times.”

By this quote Brian Tracy says that a business planning can have ideas for everything. Among them, you must give top priority to customer needs.

Because business without customers is dead. So, to survive the business, a business has to sell best quality products or services to the customers. This will increase customer interest in your business.

Now, let's know what are the business strategies:

What type is it

Business planning are mainly of three types. Such as: business startup plan, business development plan and business recovery plan. Which is useful at different times of a business.

business startup plan

This type of plan is usually prepared before starting the business or after starting the business.

Ex: You run a clothing business. So you have thought about what it takes to run a factory and how to start one etc. Basically all these are part of business startup plan.

business development plan

A business is running and customers love your business's products or services So if you think of implementing development plan to improve the quality of your product or service and take any plan accordingly. This is called a business development plan.

Example: A big company in America is called Apple. Apple company updates their iPhone every year and presents their products to their customers in a new way. It gives iPhone users an opportunity to use improved and updated phones. For this Apple company has to plan to add many new features.

business recovery plan

Such plans are taken up when there is a business loss in a business. It can cause any kind of loss in a business. When a decision is taken in a business during such a critical time, it is called a business recovery plan.

For example: When a business shows a business income loss and the business is down. The recovery plan is implemented. So that the business can learn from the mistakes and make a positive development.

Importance of plan

Business planning is important for a business. It helps to understand the need for a business plan. Here are the five essentials of these plans.
  1. In case of any kind of business loss, business startup plan, business development plan and business recovery plan can be taken. Which can be done to revive a business and prevent a business from going bankrupt.
  2. Strategic Discussion: It helps in formulating long term strategy. Through which the business can grow and expand.
  3. Providing direction: Business strategy provides a clear direction. which clarifies the objectives and goals of the business and determines the means of achieving them.
  4. Investment attraction: It gives investors a clear idea of how the business will be run and the profit potential, which is helpful in attracting investment.
  5. Risk Assessment: The corporate plan identifies potential risks and challenges and finds ways to address them.
  6. Such schemes play a big role in attracting banks and partners.


A business plan is essential in every business. Because it serves as a business roadmap. Therefore, planning information is provided in this report for your information convenience. I hope, this will help you a lot in acquiring business strategy. What is the business plan in today's report? Tried to give an idea about this. Thanks for being with us this long. 

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